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Ataru no Miko

Avatar of the Hot, Dorky Loser

The Annual Rant:
Because that's about as frequently as I seem to use it, and seems to be the main, if not only, reason I ever use it for. Sorry about that.
100 centre street, adult swim, alton brown, andromeda, animals, animaniacs, animation, anime, archery, art, babylon 5, battle angel, bill nye, bloom county, body modification, boondocks, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, cantonese, cartoons, chickens, comics, cosplay, coupling, d/s, daria, dinner impossible, dog whisperer, drag, dragon ball z, dragonlance, ducks, einsturzende neubauten, environmentalism, evangelion, feminism, fowl, freakazoid, fushigi yuugi, gackt, gargoyles, geeks, geese, genderfuck, german, gordon ramsay, gothic lolita, greenwood, gundam, gunxsword, harry potter, hedwig, hello kitty, hikaru no go, hong kong, invader zim, iron chef, jackie chan adventures, jane's addiction, japanese, jpop, jrock, kemuri, kenshin, kids in the hall, l'arc en ciel, lacrosse, latin, lea delaria, lgbt, lilo and stitch, linux, lupin iii, macross, manga, marmalade boy, martial arts, monty python, music, musicals, my girlfriend is president, my so-called life, naked archaeologist, nerds, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, nonfiction, northern exposure, oh my goddess, organic food, orson scott card, peafowl, perfect thyroid, permaculture, pheasants, polyamory, porn, poultry, powerpuff girls, primal diet, prince of tennis, queer as folk, raunchy humor, raw food, rayearth, ren and stimpy, robotech, rocko's modern life, rugrats, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, science, scofflaws, scrubs, shamanic princess, shoutacon, ska, slayers, south park, speculative fiction, stray toasters, sublime, sushi, tae kwon do, tetris, the doors, the maxx, the practice, the tick, the toasters, threesome, top gear, tori amos, travel, trigun, twin bee, type o negative, unico, urban homesteading, utena, visual kei, votoms, weight-lifting, writing, x, x-japan, yaoi, yellow monkey, yuugioh