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The spoiler Nazi in me heaves another sigh of defeat.

Back when the racebending Avatar movie first came out, I tried to get Danny (to say he watches a lot of movies would be an understatement) to watch at least some of the TV series before he saw the movie, but I failed (it's like pulling teeth to get him to watch something that's animated unless it's a blockbuster, Disney/Pixar-type film). He said, "Don't worry, it has gotten such bad reviews I'm not going to bother watching it since I wasn't all that interested in it anyway."

But I just found out he watched The Last Airbender anyway, despite my begging him to not ruin his introduction to the world by doing this. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, without watching any of the TV show. At all. ;_;

I shouldn't care, but it hurts. No, not my feelings or my ego. I'm feeling palpable, stabbing pains in my chest. And my brain. I'm sorry, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Uncle... I tried. I really did.

Sometimes you can't save everybody.
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This is why I can't deal

I know a lot of people are just lying down and accepting the lack of privacy that is coming with Mark Zuckerberg's Brave New World but I just can't. I'm not nearly as bombarded as this guy, but I'm this close to closing all or most of my accounts I don't use anymore. And even that, I don't think, will remove all these fake accounts to other sites that FB has set up on my behalf.

Top recruit quits Facebook following living nightmare

My biggest complaint is that they don't disclose their privacy issues until someone notices and creates another uproar.

Facebook to let advertisers republish user posts as "Sponsored Stories"

If they truly think what they're doing is okay, they should be more up-front about it. And it's not just idiots and newbies who don't understand what rights they're signing away with Facebook.

A doctor (I say as if this ought to make him intelligent) friend of mine said, "Oh, I don't have a LiveJournal, I like to keep a low profile on the internet." I was thinking, "You have your full name, your wife's name and your daughter's name, as well as all your statuses and photos of all three of you, on Facebook, and you think you have a low profile on the internet?"

I read that even people who have never signed up for Facebook are being tracked by Facebook via their IP address, and have a phantom account on their servers just waiting to be filled the day they reluctantly sign up because everyone is on it. And every time something like this is discovered, they only do a half-assed job of fixing it. Most people probably still have the privacy options turned off because they either don't know about it or don't know how. Or there are other insidious ways that FB makes it hard to know or control just what Big Brother is watching you do.

From Facebook 'Like' button draws privacy scrutiny:

> "If you put a Like button on your site, you're potentially selling out your users' privacy even if they never press that button," says Nicole Ozer, an attorney with the ACLU of Northern California. "It's another example of why user control needs to be the default in Facebook."

> Facebook's FAQ says: "No data is shared about you when you see a social plug-in on an external website." No mention of this data-sharing appears under the "Information from other websites" section of the company's general privacy policy.

> Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said that if his group had been aware of how the Like button was implemented, it would have raised this topic in a request for a Federal Trade Commission investigation of Facebook's privacy practices. (The statement sent to the FTC says, in part, that social plug-ins "violate user expectations and reveal user information without the user's consent.")

> "The recent Facebook changes are too complex and too subtle for most users to meaningfully evaluate," Rotenberg said. "And it's not obvious that the recent announcement from Facebook has addressed all of these problems."

> The way Facebook has implemented its Like button resembles an advertising network: Code on Facebook's systems is executed whenever someone loads a page on, say,, one of the Web sites that quickly adopted the button. And advertising networks have come under significant regulatory scrutiny before, in part because they have the ability to create dossiers on what Internet users are doing across thousands or millions of different Web sites.

> Ozer, the ACLU attorney, said she would caution sites to be careful before adopting Like buttons: "If an organization puts a Like button on their site, they're potentially telling Facebook about everyone who visits their Web site, every time that person visits their Web site."
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5 Reasons Women Are As Shallow As Men (According to Science)

Ah, Christina H. I love her for the articles.

5 Reasons Women Are As Shallow As Men (According to Science)

5) The woman in red in #5 is more powerful than Christina H. realizes. Just not in the way she's thinking.

Also, I'd totally give a cougar a high-five if her boy-toy were fine.

So this begs the question, would old guys still give each other a high-five if the 18-year-old chick he was banging were fat and ugly? My guess is, depends on how fat and ugly. How about obese and hideous?

4) IDK how true this is because I've known a lot of guys with very varied tastes in women (short, tall, blonde, Asian, hourglassy, athletic, big tits, small tits, tits must be bigger than X but smaller than Y, big asses, small asses, no asses - generally no one passionate about medium asses).

But assuming it is true, I'm curious to know what the results would be if the experiment were run again with gay subjects. Do gay women tend to have more varied taste in women and gay men have more similar tastes? This has a ring of truth, what with there being a much stricter code of what's attractive in the gay male community and stricter labeling of "types." Not to say that there isn't typing in lesbian circles, just that it seems important to a smaller amount of people.

3) Can I just say how fucking offended I am at what this experiment considers "chubby"? I'm just glad the article didn't show the chart they showed the men. If these are the example pics for the men, I can only imagine - and do not want to see - what kind of even higher expectations they might be putting on the women.

Anyway, for me, it's "slender" all the way. I like a guy I can fold into a suitcase. In fact, I'd say old Slim there is a little too built for me. :)

But I'd date/do guys with any of those body types. I'm really not picky about bodies, or even faces for that matter. It's about the whole package. Huh, huh.

Also my standards when evaluating a person or picture for theoretical attractiveness, and my actually being attracted to them, are completely different. I'd rather run my hands over your Debian unstable than your ripply muscles any day...

2) I pretty much agree with her assessment of this. It's not about how nice the car is, it's about how (un)pleasant the experience of riding in it would be, and also a reflection on him: if it's a garbage heap, you know what his home looks like. If it's too perfectly detailed, you may have an OCD sufferer on your hands, or (shudder) a gearhead. Or a petrolhead, if he has an accent.

The only way I'd care is if the guy had a Tesla car (or a Bugatti Veyron), and even then only if I get the car if I go out with him. Shallow? Or greedy?

1) The only time this is ever an issue for me is if I look at it and I'm afraid it will take me a week to recover afterwards. Otherwise, I couldn't care less. Smaller is actually more comfortable for me. Although if you're under 6.5"L x 5"G, you might get some teasing. =P But as long as it's bigger than Thumb Guy's, I can live with it.
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A Moon Unit By Any Other Name

Blame Yahoo for bringing this article to my attention:

Your Kids' Names Are Stupid. Stop Doing That

I was expecting them to also include all the inane celebrity spawn names like Pilot Inspektor, Sailor Lee, Bronx Mowgli and Blanket, but alas, no.

Some of these have got to be urban legend (see, but there were some funny ones, as well as some bizarre ones that were just too unfunny to be made up. If you read through the comments, you will find triplets named Loquayshious, DeMariaJesus and Smallest.

What was that advice I heard about naming your dog? Don't name it anything you would be embarrassed to shout at the top of your lungs when you lose your dog in the park. Works just as well in this situation.
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I met god today

I was at the store and the guy at checkout had a name tag that said Yahweh. So god does exist, and the Jews are the ones who are right! (Sorry, South Park.) And god is a cute, young latino.

So today I saw the face of god. And then he checked me out. ;)
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Infringement Cha-Cha-Cha (Kept meaning to post this...)

No matter how one feels about the pirating that this is meant to curtail, the potential infringement upon free speech is a slippery slope I care not to ride.

This reminds me of when product companies tried to make it illegal for eBay sellers to post photos of - or even mention the names of - the products they were selling.
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Homophobia Cha-Cha-Cha, Part II

I'm glad no commenters (that I read) thought the parents did the right thing, but on the other hand, many people seemed to think that sympathizing with the guy gave them license to diss India. Way to go, that'll teach those mean parents the meaning of tolerance and acceptance. =P

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